My name's Becca Thorne and I'm an illustrator and printmaker based in Nottinghamshire, UK. I do a lot of history illustration, for books and magazines, as well as illustrating lifestyle and recipe books, book covers and corporate stuff. Like many illustrators, I've been working on my own children's book for a while, but never seem to settle down to it properly before the next commission comes along. It's about a mouse that lives in a bookshop. It's inspired by a mouse I once saw in a bookshop...

I've been mostly vegetarian since around 2010, for reasons concerning both the environment and animal welfare. I try to grow as much of my own food as possible but I do still have to buy stuff, so I try to get as local and seasonal as possible (though peppers, aubergines and avocados always thwart my plans). Early in 2015 I discovered that my worsening IBS could be managed by avoiding both lactose and gluten and, while I can still eat a lot of the cheeses I love in small quantities (and with the help of Holland & Barratt's Super Lactase tablets) it has completely scuppered my bread-making.  I've moved over to spelt flour for loaves, which I can eat in small quantities, but I've yet to perfect an even half decent, truly gluten-free bread. Though, as far as I can tell, neither has anyone else.

This blog is purely for sharing food and food illustration, two of my favourite things. You can find more of my illustration on my website, beccathorne.co.uk and see more general life stuff, as well as work in progress, on my Instagram, @bethorney.