My name's Becca Thorne and I'm an illustrator and printmaker based in Nottinghamshire, UK, where I live with my partner. I do a lot of history illustration, for books and magazines, as well as illustrating lifestyle and recipe books, book covers and corporate stuff. Like many illustrators, I've been working on my own children's book for a while, but never seem to settle down to it properly before the next commission comes along. It's about a mouse that lives in a bookshop. It's inspired by a mouse I once saw in a bookshop...

I've been mostly vegetarian since 2010 and mostly vegan since 2017. I've never been super strict about either, but I think that at least being vegan at home is going some way to lessen my impact on animals and the environment.

Most of the recipes on here are seasonal and inspired by gluts of vegetables from our allotment. All the recipes and illustrations were created by me, unless stated otherwise. If you'd like to share anything, please credit me and link back, and if you want to use any of the text or illustrations, please send me an email first becca@beccathorne.co.uk

You can find more of my illustration on my website, beccathorne.co.uk and see more general life stuff, as well as work in progress, on my Instagram account @bethorney.